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Business Farming and Commercial

Business Agreements & Settlements

Every business is unique. When drafting Business Sale Agreements and Buying and Selling of a business it is important to haveexperienced help behind you so whatever comes up during your matter you have an experienced team to sort it out.

We recommend you seek legal advice before you make any commitments, especially signing an offer or paying a deposit.

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Farming Documents

Farming properties, Pastoral Leases, Lease Agreements, Sales and Purchases, whatever your requirements are Formbys Lawyers can help you.

We have for many years helped with the preparation of leases of farming properties sometimes for a short term, sometimes a long term.  Commonly farm leases include a right of first refusal to take a further lease term or to buy the farm if the owner decides to do either.  Sometimes the Lease includes a contract to buy the farm or an option to buy, or, to take a further term. For more detail on Farming Documents click here

Commercial Leases

A Business, Property or Commercial premise lease is a legally binding contract between a business owner and the owner of the real estate premise.

These documents are more complex than residential leases, because the lease usually requires terms and conditions tailored to the premise.  They require careful consideration to ensure they match the needs of the client.

We recommend you seek legal advice before you make any commitment, by signing an offer, paying a deposit or moving anything you own into the property.

Can the terms be negotiated?

Yes, in most cases the terms may be further negotiated between the parties.  The specific terms or restrictions need to be agreed include, rent amount, rent increases, the duration of the lease, whether or not the lease can be transferred or assigned.

Formbys lawyers can discuss the benefits and options available to you to help make the right decision for your requirements. Contact our office today