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Instructions for Signing a Will


NOTE: The Will must be executed in the presence of two independent adult witnesses
Click here for PDF version Will Signing Instructions

  1. DO NOT make any alterations to the Will or any additions, if the Will does not comply with your requirements then please telephone this office to arrange to have the Will corrected.
  2. At the time of signing the Will the Testator MUST DATE the Will in the space provided on the last page.
  1. The person signing the Will and both witnesses must sign on the bottom of each page and the last page where indicated. Each witness must print his or her full name, address and occupation beneath their signature on the last page.
  1. The same pen must be used by the person signing the Will and both witnesses.
  1. Once the Will is executed please forward the original Will to us to ensure that the Will is correctly executed and witnessed.
  1. We recommend that you place the original Will in a safe place and advise your Executors of its whereabouts.
  1. DO NOT pin, clip or attach this form or any other papers of whatsoever nature to the Will in any manner whatsoever.