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The Importance of having a Will

By: Formbys Lawyers 20 May 2020 no comments

The Importance of having a Will

In these current uncertain times, we are very mindful of the fear of sickness and losing loved ones.  We have seen a rise in enquiry, from clients wanting to have an effective Will, Power of attorney and guardianship, that reflects their current wishes, in place.

The Corona virus did not and is not discriminatory of age, sex or demography. By being forced into lockdown, it gave many of us time to reflect, on how well prepared we are, or are not, which is often the case.

Before is better than Bedside

Although we can provide bedside service for emergency legal documents, it is better to have them in place before they are needed.

Illness and injury often happen unexpectedly.  When these situations arise, it is generally stressful, inconvenient and emotional.  By having legal effective documents in place, it can remove a great deal of emotional stress and allow life to go on in your temporary absence or incapacitation.

Illness, Injury or Incapacitation does not discriminate

Formbys has assisted West Australians for over 40 years.  We are no stranger to natural disasters, economic changes and losing clients of natural old age.  This recent pandemic has brought about a new awareness, of the importance of having legal affairs in order, irrespective of age.

Set and forget, not a good idea

Some people have a set and forget attitude when creating a Will.  It is widely recommended that your Will and other estate planning documents, should be reviewed every 5 years, for good reason.  With life moving so fast, in the blink of an eye circumstances change, marriage, divorce, buying properties and having children.  All these things can change the effectiveness of an existing Will.

In certain circumstances for those that have a Will in place but minor change of circumstance, a Codicil may be suitable.  Formbys can provide appropriate advice and guidance for your individual situation.

Talking about Wills and estate planning doesn’t have to be hard

Deciding on a car you want to buy, requires research and raises lots of questions.  It should, it’s a big decision, affects your family financially and you want to make the right decision that fits your circumstances. 

The same applies to your Estate Planning documents. Discussing where you want your assets to go, who you want to be guardian for your children and ensuring your assets go to who you want, provide security for your family both emotionally and financially.

Will Information Sheet – making estate planning easy!

Formbys Lawyers have made it easy to start this discussion today! We can email our Will information sheet which clearly sets out what information is required, so you can take your time and complete it at a convenient time to you.

Ensuring you have effective legal documents in place is not only protecting your family, but giving you peace of mind, in the event of illness, injury or the unthinkable.  Contact us today on 08 93540300 or email us admin@formbyslawyers.com

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