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Instructions for Consular Officer – Witnessing & Verification of Identity Outside Australia

The Consular Officer is required to identify EACH transferor (vendor) or applicant noted on the original document the client requires to be witnessed.

  1. Please Identify EACH Transferor or Applicant prior to witnessing the execution by each Transferor or Applicant present by sighting all of the following current and original documents:
  • Current and original rate notice issued by the local Government, Council or Shire for the property being sold. The rate notice must clearly show the address of the property being sold. It is appreciated that the notice may not be issued in the name of the Transferor however it must be sighted to connect the person representing as the Transferor with the property being sold; and
  • Current and original Passport; and
  • Current and original drivers Licence for the Transferor or Applicant

If a passport is not available, an original birth certificate can be used, although this is not preferred. If a drivers licence is not available another form of photographic identification issued by a government authority can be used. At least one piece of identification used must contain a photograph of the transferor being identified.

If an original rate notice is not available as the property is not ‘rateable’ an original, signed letter from the local Government, Council or Shire stating that a rates notice is not issued for that property will be acceptable.

Where a Transferor or Applicant is a company or other incorporated body, the Registrar of Titles requires the identity of the natural person/s executing the Transfer or Application on behalf of the Company, to be verified by an Australian Consular Officer using the documents referred to above.

  1. After sighting the original identity documents, please take a copy of each document sighted and certify each copy as a true and correct copy of the original document sighted by you.

On the certified copy of the documents the Consular Officer must clearly write or print their name, position and consular office where the certification took place, as well as the date and time of the certification.

  1. After satisfying yourself the person is who they claim to be (based on the identity documents provided), please witness the transferor execute the Transfer or Application documents. All of the required witness details must be clearly printed on the Transfer of Land or Application. The Registrar of Titles will issue a requisition to the lodging party where witness details are incomplete or not clearly printed.

Provide the witnessed Transfer or Application together with the certified copies of the identification documents to the Transferors, Applicant to return to our office.

Thank you for your assistance

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