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Category: Estate Planning

Reasons to review my will?

Sep 10, 2021
Understanding when to review your will and what life changes affect your will

Advance Health Directive

Jul 15, 2021
What is an advance health directive? An advance health directive is a document under the Guardianship andAdministration Act 1990 by which you give directions on your future health care. It...

Dying without a Will, Intestate

May 23, 2019
No one likes talking about dying, but it is better, than Dying without a will If you die with a Will, the executor appointed by your Will, is usually the...

Executor of a Will responsibilities and duties

Mar 28, 2019
What is an executor The executor is the person the deceased appoints by their Will to administer their estate.  Family members or close relatives are the usual choice to act...