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Author: Formbys Lawyers

Helping WA Farmers achieve great results

Mar 21, 2018
Harry Formby attended the sod turning of the Northam Solar Farm Project with Minister for Energy and Treasurer Ben Wyatt. As shown in todays The West Australian Newspaper The Northam Solar...

Making a claim on an Estate

Nov 28, 2016
Do you consider you have not received a fair share of a close family member’s estate and are considering making a claim on an Estate? The Family Provision Act provides,...

Lending to Family Members

Nov 21, 2016
When lending money to family, it is as important to record the terms of an intra-family loan – parents to children – as it is for business arrangements. A written...

What is Probate?

Nov 14, 2016
If you have been appointed executor of a will you may need to apply for a grant of probate. Probate is the process of proving a deceased person’s Will in...